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A rare Korean delicacy surfaces at Jongro Gopchang in KTown

September 27, 2021, 7:08.45 pm ET

Photos: Jongro Gopchang

The newly opened Jongro Gopchang, from the team behind Jongro BBQ in KTown, is specializing in rare Korean specialty that is rarely found outside of Korea. It’s called Gopchang and features grilled beef intestines and other organ meats cooked tableside. It’s described as a buttery, chewy texture that pairs well with soju – it is, in fact, traditionally considered a drinking food. BBQ is available as well and cooked at the table too.

Aside from soju, the bar also features beer, wine and cocktails like Seoul Night with sparkling Korean rice wine, cinnamon punch, and black raspberry wine, and Ba-cuum made with soju, cucumber, basil and tonic.

The current resurgence and craze in Korea started with a video of K-pop star Hwasa of MAMAMOO eating Gopchang went viral. Owner Kyung Kim Choi is a successful Koreatown entrepreneur who also operates the rapidly expanding Afternoon, as well as Koreatown favorites Dons Bogam and Jongro BBQ.

Jongro Gopchang is located at 22 W 32nd Street on the 5th Floor and open daily 5pm – Midnight.

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